Common space
Activists and artist in the public space

29th – 30th November 2013
Fundacja Salony, ul. Fabryczna 13b, Zielona Góra

Recently, have witnessed the increase of the number of cultural and social initiatives taking place in public space on the local basis. A long-term project of the Salony Foundation and BWA City Gallery in Zielona Góra in the Millennium Park is aiming at establishing a dialogue and experience exchange with other activists, non-government organizations and institutions with parallel profiles from Central Europe. The purpose of the meeting is a presentation and analysis of acting in public space methods with focus on such issues: revitalization, recultivation, restitution of public space to local residents, artists’ interventions, participatory and integration actions. We would like to consider also the meaning of public space actions initiated by artists.
For discussion within the meeting “Common Space” we invited initiators of actions in public space from Poland, England, Slovakia and Austria. The discussion will be divided into three topic areas, which will be summarized by panel discussions. Our guests are the leaders from Bel Etage (Berlin/DE), Fundacja na Miejscu (Warszawa/ PL), Fundacja Form i Kształtów (Warszawa/ PL), F13 Centrala Twórcza (Zielona Góra/ PL), Muzeum Sztuki (Łódź/ PL), Myatt’s Field Park (Londyn/UK), Verejny Podstavec (Bratysława, SK), center of comtemporary art (Graz/AT)
The meeting will be held in English.

Meeting’s schedule

Friday, the 29th November
12 PM
1. Fundacja Form i Kształtów (Warsaw, PL)/ Iza Rutkowska
2. Myatt’s Field Park (London, UK)/ Aleksandra Magdziarek
3. F13  Centrala Twórcza (Zielona Góra, PL)/ Anna Kraśko

Discussion panel

3 PM
1. Verejny Podstavec (Bratislava, SK)/ Tomáŝ Džadoň
2. center for contemporary art (Graz, AT)/ Anton Lederer
3. Bel Etage (Berlin, DE)/ Renata Kamińska

Discussion panel

Saturday, the 30th November
10 AM
1.Park Tysiąclecia/ Millennium Park – Fundacja Salony (Zielona Góra, PL)/ Marta Gendera i BWA Gallery (Zielona Góra, PL)/ Romuald Demidenko
2. Ekologie Miejskie, Muzeum Sztuki (Łódź, PL)/ Aleksandra Jach i Katarzyna Słoboda
3. Fundacja na Miejscu (Warsaw, PL)/ Marta Trakul

Discussion panel
Organized by the Salony Foundation and BWA Zielona Góra
Media Partners: Radio Zielona Góra, Magazyn Miasta, Res Publika Nowa
The meeting is a part of the project “Park Tysiąclecia. Próby, szkice, scenariusze nowej przestrzeni publicznej”. The project is founded by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, Austrian Culture Forum and Zielona Góra City Council.

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