The Millenium Park was built in 1965 as a result of restructuring it from the Cemetery of Green Cross that had existed there for 300 years.

When the cemetery was built it was initially located on the outskirt of the town surrounded by vineyards and gardens. It was not until the end of 19th century that its shape changed: from the west it boarded with urban housing area, from the north with gardens, from the east with open spaces of catholic commune and from the south through Rohrbuschweg (currently Vasa (Wazów) Street) with vineyards. From the beginning of 19th century the cemetery was rebuilt and enlarged several times towards the western and eastern directions. Between 1923 and 1926 the cemetery came through vast modernization and its terrain was formed in the shape of terraces, major paths were consolidated, drainage systems were installed and ivies and thujas were planted.

In the mid 20th century the area was decided to be reshaped into the town park. The space was divided into zones: relax-walking zone, leisure zone and sport zone. The building of former crematory in relax-walking zone was designed for nature or art exhibitions. Apart from that, the sport zone was to consist of three volleyball courts, basketball and handball court, tennis court, skating track and small pavilion for keeping sport equipment.

In the leisure zone the plan assumed building terraces, dancing floor, concert shell and café for 100 sits. Existing and projected buildings were planned to be equipped with water sewage system, electricity and whole park space was to be provided with lighting. The project included also hardening paths’ surface, adaptation of existing trees along with low greenery and introduction of the new vegetation, installation of lawns, flowerbeds and 150 benches. The concert shell was eventually built with audience and café. The former crematory building was adapted for new purpose and paths were organized in a new way. The new plan for the park also included silent leisure zone, body of water, cascades and flower gardens. In recent years the skate park was built along with basketball court and playground.


The Millenium Park covers area of 9,6 ha and it is available to general public as a green area with historical layout. The characteristic feature of the park is its terraced form of land and original architectural elements.
Well-developed tree stand is dominated by long lasting lime trees. The park remains with a little wasted cultural and natural potential. Although there have been tries of making the place a well-facilitated town park, it has always ceased during the projecting stage. Neither projected sport and relax zones have been built nor have flowerbeds been installed. The crematory building has never found its new proper purpose. For the last 40 years the park has only been used for walking by local inhabitants of nearby residential area or as a transfer shortcut route from the southeastern part of the city to the downtown. The park lacks of particular projects that matches people’s social needs or encourages them to different forms of sport, social or cultural activity. Furthermore, there has never been any form of commemoration of park’s history.

Fragments of the text come from elaboration by Anna Jackiewicz “Park Tysiąclecia w Zielonej Górze – różne formy ogrodu publicznego” in Rocznik Lubuski, Vol. 32, part. 1, 2006, p. 103 – 121

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