For the next two years (2013 – 2014) the Millennium Park and its surroundings will experience temporary artistic and architectonic interventions along with attempts of new scenarios including implementation of contemporary art elements. During this time cooperation of artists, architects and designers with local community will be continued. Until revitalisation in the Millennium Park there will be attempts of variety of opportunities and proposals of cultural objects presence in this public space in reference to every day needs of local residents.

The aim of the project is the change of park’s image and direct solution for problems included in the report „Imaginary Park“. The outcome of artists’ actions will be drafts and proper realisations of projects in the park’s surrounding which will encourage local residents to reflect on the impact of the art in the city.

The image of the Millennium Park is influenced by residents’ lives related to this place and picture of its future form. This is area whose identity is still being formed by its past associated with presence of late residents, sudden change of its use form cemetery to open public space and later political system change. Reference point for the project, set by local residents, is potential of the park and its relation to nearby residential area and city centre.

In the nearest future, with help of invited artists, we will bring up individual residents’ stories about the park and we will reflect on possible way of honour its past. Within the park there will be created a place designed for relax, facilitating reading books, book crossing and assembly point. Important issue is also accessibility of park for patients of the neighbouring hospital and use of the park space for rehabilitation. All the projects – both designed drafts and realised projects will be taken under public discussion because we still want to draw on the local residents’ points of view.

The nearest future will be spent on exchanging knowledge and experiences with other organisations, artists, activists and institution that deal with public spaces shaping with use of visual arts. Let’s think over the best solutions and art practices that may be used in the public spaces that we work in.


Simone Ruess
Aleksandra Kubiak
Basia Niemiec
Gregor Różański
Magdalena Starska
Jaśmina Wójcik
Elvedin Klacar


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