ŠKART/ See – saw, let’s go!

See-saw, let’s go!
Meeting with artists and playing games: Saturday, 9 August, 6pm
Millenium Park

Certain kinds of users of public space are easily associated with particular social behaviour, specific places and objects corresponding to them. The playground is dedicated to children, benches seem to be made for the elderly taking rest, the skate park is solely youth’s, while the pitch is reserved for football players. What if this system were slightly violated and the roles reversed? Why not develop an adult’s playground?

Serbian collective Škart has risen to this challenge by creating toys for adults in Millennium Park. The group proposes a project which involves a see-saw installed in the park. Its aim is to encourage the residents, both neighbours and random passers by, to approach one another and socialise. It takes a larger number of users closely cooperating with each other for the seesaw to operate – good fun is possible only in a group.

Another way to spend leisure time in the park that Škart has put forward is mobile gardens, with which one can walk freely in the area. If one wants to water their patch, the plants can be taken home, nurtured and then walked back to a given place in the park. One can also, at any time, decide about adequate light intensity for the plants, placing them in a properly lit space.

Being an area open to unconventional practices, the park needs not be a predictable space – let us then feel free to seesaw with strangers.
See-saw let’s go!

Škart (Djordje Balmazović, Goran Petrović, Dragan Protić) is an artistic collective founded in 1990 in Belgrade, Serbia. In their work the artists use poetry, architecture, graphic design and social activism, they focus on building human relationships while experimenting with various media of visual arts. The number of the group members constantly changes, which makes them open to new values and experience with every work. Škart’s projects were shown in a number of European cities including Belgrade, Graz, London, Paris, Rotterdam and Zagreb. In 2010 the Serbian Pavilion at the 12th Venice Architecture Biennial Exhibition was designed and presented to the public.


Organisation: Fundacja Salony, BWA Zielona Góra
Cooperation Škart Belgrade
Production: Marcin Kubiak, RPR

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